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Admission 2012-2013 for EU, EEA and Switzerland citizens

The University of Oradea has 15 faculties providing undergraduate and postgraduate studies into Romanian and in English. Courses offered in Romanian language can be found on the website of each faculty at www.uoradea.ro

Courses offered in English are for the following specializations:

Undergraduate level:  BM General Medicine (General Medicine 6 years) at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy.

Language of studies

a. Romanian

Candidates who do not speak Romanian can apply for studies into Romanian provided they take a preparatory language course one year before enrolment. At the end of the preparatory year, the candidates will acquire a Romanian language certificate. In case the candidate already has knowledge of Romanian language, they can take the Romanian language test at the Faculty of Letters which issues a language certificate. Romanian language certificates will be accepted only from Romanian universities accredited to issue such certificates.

Fee for the exam is 200 RON (50 euro)

b. English

Candidates choosing specialisations taught in English will have to pass an interview before the entrance exam depending on the faculty chosen by the candidate.

Dates for the language exams for July session will be established and announced on time.

Available places

Every year, the Senate of the University with the approval of the Ministry of Education decides on the number of available places. The number of available places is published on the University’s webpage.

Admission process

The University of Oradea has implemented the Bologna system since 2005.

Timetable for registration at University of Oradea

There are two admission sessions: in July and in September.

The admission period for the July session 2012/Timetable valid for the University of Oradea. Each faculty can have its timetable (Faculty of Medicine, see bottom of the page)

1 May 2012- 1 July 2012 – submission of files for the certificate acknowledging previous studies by the Ministry of Education. Before the 1st of July, the complete files must be at the International Relations Department!

16-23 July 2012 – registration process for the faculties that organising entrance exams.

16-27 July 2012 – registration process for the faculties that do not organize entrance exams.

25-27 July 2012 – the entrance exams

The admission period for September session 2012

*this session is conditioned by the availability of places after the July session.

03-11 September 2012 – registration process for the faculties that organise entrance exams.

03-14 September 2012 – registration process for the faculties that do not organise entrance xams

12-14 September 2012 – the entrance exams

 Eligible candidates for places available for EU, EEA and the Swiss Confederation

  • Candidates from European Union, European Economic  Area and the Swiss Confederation
  • Candidates who have graduated from a high-school or college accredited in their country and acknowledged by the Romanian Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports.(United Kingdom citizens are required to hold a 3 A level subjects certificate to study Medicine)

The admission for EU, EEA and Switzerland candidates has 2 stages:

I. Obtaining the recognition of previous studies from the Ministry of Education (Certificate issued by the Centre for the Acknowledgement and Validation of Studies)

II. Participation of the candidates to the admission organized by the University of Oradea.


1st stage

Applying for the acknowledgement of studies (Certificate issued by the Centre of Acknowledgement and Validation of Studies)

According to Law 316/2006, all the citizens of EU, SEE and the Swiss Confederation have access to all forms of education, in the same conditions as Romanians including tuition fees.

As of 15.06.2009, all citizens of the abovementioned countries will no longer need an acceptance letter, but a CERTIFICATE issued by the National Centre of Acknowledgement and Validation of Studies at the Romanian Ministry of Education. With this certificate, the candidates can register for admission at the University of Oradea.

The candidates who have graduated in Romania no longer need an approval from the Ministry of Education.

The application file for the acknowledgement of studies must be submitted to the International Relations Department/Office for Foreign Students at the University of Oradea. Files submitted by individual candidates are not being processed by the Ministry of Education.



Before the file is processed, all candidates must pay a non-refundable processing file fee of 150 euro, a fee requested by the University of Oradea. The processing file fee will be paid to the University’s bank account before the application is submitted and it covers the expenses for the issuance of the certificate. Once the processing file fee is paid, it cannot be reimbursed.




Beneficiary/Account’s holder: Universitatea din Oradea, International Relations Department representing processing file fee for….(your name)

Beneficiary address: str. Universitatii, nr. 1, 410087 Oradea, Bihor, Romania

Name and address of the Bank: Banca Comerciala Romana, Sucursala judeteana Bihor-Oradea, str. D. Cantemir, Nr.2/C

IBAN Account : RO25RNCB0032046474330016-EUR

Bank Swift code: RNCB RO BU


The documents required for the application are as follows:

  1. Application form for the University of Oradea (click HERE to download)
  2. Application form for recognition of studies (click HERE to download)
  3. High-school Diploma (original language) – legalized copy
  4. Extra documents:
  • For Baccalaureate Diploma obtained in Spain- “Pruebas de Aptitud para el Acceso a la Universidad, calificación Apto. “
  • For diplomas obtained in Sweden please attach a testimonial issued by the Verket för högskoleservice regarding the access to higher education.
  1. Bachelor degree and transcript of records (for graduate applicants) – legalized copy
  2. Identification document (photocopy): Passport pages 1,2,3,4 or national ID.
  3. Confirmation of payment of the non-refundable processing file fee of 150 euro


The documents in other languages than English or French will be translated either into English or into Romanian.

If the candidate is declared eligible and the file is complete, the International Relations Department forwards the documents to the Ministry of Education to issue the Certificate according to which the candidates can pursue their studies in Romania.

In case of non-recognition of the degree, the candidate cannot carry on with the registration.

Deadline for the files for recognition to be in the International Relations office is the 2nd of July 2012. No applications will be processed after this date.

An important thing that you need to know is that the admission can be done strictly through the University and you do not need any agents to help you with the paperwork. The University will take care of your acceptance letter, admission and everything. The website http://www.oradeauniversity.com/  is not an official website and has nothing to do with our University. Therefore, we will not assume any responsibilities for documents sent to this contact!

2nd stage

Registration at the university

Registration of the candidates for the admission exam or file competition is done on the basis of the recognition of studies by the Ministry of Education together with the original file that must be submitted in the legal admission periods mentioned above. The registration file must comprise the documents according to the admission methodology at the University of Oradea for 2012.


Tuition fees will be settled by the Senate of the University for the coming academic year.

Fees that must be paid at the registration are:

Registration fee 150 RON (around 35 euro)

Matriculation fee 100 RON (around 25 euro)

English and Romanian examination fee 200 RON (50 euro)


EU, EEA and Swiss Confederation citizens do not need a visa for studies but they have the duty to inform the Romanian Immigration Office/Bihor Immigration Office on their stay in Oradea (Oficiul Român pentru Imigrări /Serviciul pentru Imigrări Bihor).

So far, the Faculty of Medicine has posted their topics for entrance exam. The website can be checked at http://fmforadea.ro

Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy

The entrance exam will consist of:

General Medicine (taught in English):

1. English language will be an eliminatory test for the candidates coming from non-English speaking countries.

2. A multiple choice exam in Biology or Chemistry. The candidate will have to choose one subject out of the two.

Dentistry (taught in Romanian)

1. Romanian language will be an eliminatory test for foreign students.

2. A multiple choice exam in Biology or Chemistry. The candidate will have to choose one subject out of the two.

Pharmacy (taught in Romanian)

1. Romanian language will be an eliminatory test for foreign students.

2. A multiple choice exam in both Biology and Chemistry.

The topics for the entrance exam for general medicine and dentistry for the July session will be:


  1. The cell
  2. The cellular tissue
  3. Nervous System
  4. Analysers
  5. Endocrine glands
  6. Bone system
  7. Joints/Articulations
  8. Muscular system
  9. Digestion and absorption
  10. Circulation
  11. Respiration
  12. Excretion
  13. Metabolism
  14. Reproduction System
  15. Pregnancy and birth
  16. Organic Structure


  1. Introduction to Organic Chemistry
  2. Hydrocarbons
  3. Organic sources of energy and raw materials
  4. Mono-functional organic compounds
  5. Organic compounds of biological importance
  6. Natural and synthesis compounds of practical importance
  7. Organic compounds reaction types

For the exam registration the candidates will have to submit the following documents:

*If any of these documents is missing the file will not be accepted. Exception will be made only for the candidates whose diplomas will have been issued by this time.

  1. Original Baccalaureate diploma or equivalent together with the legalized translation into Romanian.
  2. Original transcript of records and legalised translation into Romanian for previous studies (This is compulsory, because some of the faculties do not have an entrance exam and they need the high-school grades).
  3. Certificate issued by the Ministry of Education which proves that the student has the right to study in Romania (This is the certificate that is issued by the Ministry of Education based on the file we send to them for evaluation)
  4. Copy and legalised translation into Romanian language of the birth certificate.
  5. Passport or ID copy
  6. Registration fee
  7. Marriage certificate (if the name of the student has changed after marriage).
  8. Medical certificate in English and attested by the university physician.
  9. 4 passport photos.
  10. Plastic folder.

During the entrance exam the candidates will be allowed to stay in the hostel of the university for a minimum price.