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Proiect ROHU 449 – IPHEALTH – Fa Phase – Proiect integrat pentru dezvoltare durabilă în zona montană a judeţului Bihor, îmbunătăţirea accesului şi dezvoltării serviciilor de sănătate în caz de intervenţii medicale în situaţii de urgenţă

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New generation Biocomposites for Dental and Orthopedic Implants: Production, Characterization and Biocompatibility evaluation

National Authority for Scientific

Scientific and Technological

Research of Romania (ANCS)

Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK)



Romanian side

Director: prof. Dr. SIMONA CAVALU

University of Oradea

Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy

Turkish side

Director: prof. Dr. GULTEKIN GOLLER

Istanbul Technical University

Financial support from UEFISCDI: 37440 lei. Contract nr. 540/30.05.2012

Summary: As patients have become more and more demanding regarding esthetic and biocompatibility aspects of their dental restorations, ceramic material has become a main object of scientific interest especially from the material point of view. In this context, we propose an evaluation of the structural, mechanical and biocompatibility properties of a new generation bearing, zirconia toughened alumina ceramics. The proposed composites for our study are prepared by using modern processing technologies – spark plasma sintering – taking the advantage of our previous colaboration in the framework of Romania- Turkey Bilateral Cooperation, contract nr.385/2010.

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