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The European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies – Summer School in Venice in 2013

The European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies is inviting public health professionals from Europe to its Summer School in Venice in 2013.


European countries increasingly recognize the importance of population health interventions in national health policy. Too often though, public health runs along traditional lines, drawing on established knowledge and training but overlooking key developments and issues such as:

  • The new contextual challenges posed by the economic crisis, emerging environmental threats and changes in health behaviours;
  • Improvements in measurement of health needs, risks, health outcomes and performance;
  • New evidence on the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of fiscal, regulatory and behavioural interventions on health determinants;
  • Technological advances in human genomics and biomarkers; information systems and social communication;
  • Innovations in organization and skill mix.



The Summer School will build on participants’ own knowledge and expertise in public health and marshal the latest evidence on new developments to

( I ) Provide a state of the art account of innovative strategies to improve population health

( II ) Assess the implications of improved measurement (of burden of disease, determinants of health; health outcomes and well-being) for both old and new challenges;

( III ) Interpret what innovative interventions mean for improving population health; and

( IV ) Draw practical policy and implementation lessons to deliver better public health interventions.



The Summer School will involve a group of expert lecturers and facilitators from international organizations and centres of expertise and will be led by

Reinhard Busse (European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies and Berlin University of Technology) as Director

Martin McKee European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) as Co-Director



Summer School is primarily aimed at senior to mid-level policy-makers, with some junior professionals. All participants should be working in a decision-making or advisory institution (government, nongovernmental, health institute, insurance board or association, regulator, hospital federation or other professional body) that focuses on policy and management at a regional, national or European level.


How to apply:

For more information and the application form please see the Summer School website:


Please send any questions regarding the Summer School to the following email: summerschool2013@obs.euro.who.int

For more information please follow the link:    http://www.observatorysummerschool.org/index.php

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